Entrepreneurship: The Flip

I'm at Startup Bootcamp listening to Mick Mountz of Kiva Systems talk about his early experiences with the company. (They make a way-cool automated material handling system which turns warehouses and distribution centers into a robotic ballet.) His step 1 in a startup is (of course) "get a whiteboard and a business card." With a good idea and some customer-funded development, this eventually lets you change the world.

Step zero, though, is something I had never heard before. He calls it "The Flip". It's the moment when you decide "fuck it, I'm doing this." After the flip, he answered his phone "kiva systems". He had no product, no customers, no staff, and hadn't even incorporated. But it became real in his head.

I have heard talks on every detail of entrepreneurship from inception to funding to exit. But this is the first time anyone has talked about something like The Flip. I like the intentionality of this concept. It feels like there needs to be a ceremony for this.

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