SDM Explained: A Transcript

What follows is an organized list of my coursework as part of SDM. The concept of "Systems Design and Management" can be hard to encapsulate in a simple sentence, so this exhaustive list can give you a better feel for how I have been applying myself for the last year and a half. The high-level themes provide the best feel for the SDM approach: leadership, the business of technology, and large-scale systems analysis. My personal area of interest is in the integration of renewable energy, visible both in the explicitly energy-related classes as well as the courses in which I performed substantial project work on energy issues. (Energy-focused courses are noted in bold.)

  • Technology Strategy
    • 15.965 Technology Strategy - Creating and capturing value
    • 15.969 User-Centered Innovation - Listening to lead users for product design
    • ESD.945 SLaM Praxis - How decisions are made, frameworks for competitive analysis
    • ESD.58 Disruptive Technologies - How technologies evolve
      • Project: market evaluation of 3rd generation solar cells
    • ESD.945 SLaM Lab - Applied technology strategy
      • Project: New market penetration for an energy efficiency firm
  • Management
    • 15.381 The Human Side of Technology - leadership theory as applied to tech
    • ESD.930 Leadership - leadership frameworks and personal reflection
    • ESD.38 Enterprise Architecture - an engineering approach to organizational transformation
    • 15.514 Managerial Accounting - how to think about costs and income
    • ESD.763 Supply Chain Management - treating a supply chain as an optimizable design
    • 15.281 Advanced Leadership Communication - running effective teams
    • HBS1929 Business Marketing - how to manage a team for b2b sales
      • Project on how to sell to electrical utilities
  • Energy
    • 15.366 Energy Ventures - Practical lab in how to launch an energy-industry startup
    • ESD.940 Wind Turbine Design - manufacturing, meteorology, and the NREL FAST suite
    • ESD.934 Engineering, Economics, and Regulation of the Power Sector - grid operations
      • Project: future outlook for demand response
    • ESD.865 Modeling Electric Power Systems - numerical optimization with GAMS
    • Thesis - Demand Response for Grid Balance with High Renewable Penetration
  • System Engineering
    • ESD.33 System Engineering - analyzed the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative as a large-scale systems problem
    • ESD.34 System Architecture - applied architectural principles to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
    • ESD.36 Project Management - how to bring in a project on time and on budget, using system dynamics to avoid the traps
    • ESD.344 Real Options - mathematical tools for when and how to build flexibility into product design
  • Misc
    • ESD.301 Statistics - Emphasis on hypothesis testing
    • 21F.415 Deutschland im Europ√§ischen Kontext - Deutsche Literatur auf Deutsch
    • 6.083 Mobile Application Development - Wrote 5 deployable Android applications

This portfolio of classes has positioned me for a role in product management, project management, corporate strategy, or engineering management.

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