DVD by mail isn't dead yet

Discovery of the day: Netflix has made its original series "House of Cards" available on DVD. For a while, Netflix was in the paradoxical situation of offering almost all of the world's video content on disc except for its self-produced shows. NFLX has not been shy about its strategy to shift attention away from DVDs toward streaming, and I was wondering if this emphasis would include omission of its original series from the legacy platform. It looks like streaming will be the preferred service for premieres, with DVD release approximately 5 months after initial availability. This is similar to the standard DVD "window" for other shows and movies, so Netflix is acting like the other content owners. As a DVD subscriber, I'm glad to see that Netflix is not using their content as an exclusive wedge to further disadvantage the older service.

The logical question, though, is whether I will be able to wait 5 months to see season 4 of Arrested Development or will break down and buy a month of streaming just for one show.

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